Since 2013, we’ve made great strides in implementing sustainable practices and refining our manufacturing processes to reduce our environmental impact. From lighting and energy, to upcycling and supporting local suppliers, we are committed to environmental stewardship and are leading the charge in our industry for ethical, sustainable practices.


Our team is culturally diverse, we promote positivity in a non-hostile environment, and support all our employees based on their individual needs. CCI prides itself as being an equal opportunity employer and seeks competent and skilled team members irrespective of ethnicity, race, gender, and other prohibited grounds.

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Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Lighting & Energy

As of 2018, we have reduced energy consumption by over 60% in both of our 30,000 sqft facilities by participating in energy conservation initiatives in lighting, heating, and power consumption.

Reducing Waste

With CCI’s Waste Diversion Program, we’re committed to diverting as much waste as possible from landfills by separating waste into: pulp products, wood by-products, metals, plastics / acrylics and paints.

Pulp / Wood

Off-cuts and wood by-products are sent to be upcycled, and all decommissioned, end-of-life fixtures from client sites are broken down, stripped of their components and handled in a responsible manner.


With the majority of our metal coming from local suppliers, we’re able to reduce lead times and transportation costs. Local sourcing also helps support the local economy and allows us to pass cost savings on to our clients. Metal off-cuts are saved and used in future production or sent to a recycling facility.

Plastic / Acrylic

Since 2018, we have lowered our use of single use plastics by over 50%. We’ve teamed up with an ISO 9001 company who specializes in compounding acrylic raw material to aid in recycling plastics. Any consumer plastics that can be recycled, are collected and sent to recycling facilities.


Any unused water-based paints, varnish or oils are collected and sent to designated facilities for reuse or proper disposal. Through our participation in the Ontario Paintshare Program, we help put paint where it belongs – on buildings, walls, and in the hands of aspiring artists – and divert it away from sewers, dumps, and landfills.

Suppliers you can trust

CCI Standard Suppliers

means our go-to business partners share our sustainability standards.

Sustainable Alternatives

for sheet goods, paint and adhesives available upon request.

Ecological Products Research

by our R&D department for future-forward, industry leading sustainability.

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